ABI Global is listed in the Top 7 Publisher with the most app downloads in Q4 2021

Sensor Tower recently revealed the publishers with the most installs with ABI Global LTD among them.

ABI Global LTD – the key team of Onesoft JSC which contributed significantly to its achievement. Onesoft has ranked in the 7th position among the top app publishers with over 130 million downloads in the last quarter of 2021,

In the digital age, mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. Over the last decade, Sensor Tower has been relied on among enterprises for intelligence about the performance metrics in the mobile app ecosystem. It is well-known for its trustworthy and precise source of information on mobile users offering trend insights, and ad network products offering enterprise-level data on the global mobile app economy.

In 2021, the pandemic has posed an enormous challenge to the world, especially to enterprises and corporations. However, to a certain extent, it also brings about a growth opportunity to the market including the gaming industry. Keeping up with the latest trends, ABI Studio manages to adapt to this constantly innovating market. In 2021, ABI Global LTD has successfully published more than 50 games. It is no surprise to see ABI’s products on Top 1 of the US including Snake Troll: Thief Master; Poppy Horror: Chapter One; Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle; 456: Survival games; Red Imposter…

In The 4th quarter of 2021, ABI reached the Top 7 global Publishers with its astonishing progress in the year, achieving a growth of 87% opening up a huge lead over other publishers such as Horma, Good Job Games,…

We are endeavoring to make even more innovations to the mobile gaming industry with our world-class-quality products that are optimized every day to improve users’ experience regarding game design, art, and sound effects.