Being in ABI is about being part of something big!

Working at ABI Game Studios lets you engage with innovative, proactive and creative team members, whose main focus is building games that people can enjoy.


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User acquisition is a data-heavy science that looks for trends and patterns that work, cutting out the guesswork that can lead to wasted ad spending. With competition increasing, finding the means to boost app discovery while convincing users to install your app can become an exercise in optimization as well as an essential component of success.

Game Artist

Game art design is a subset of game development. It is the process of creating the artistic aspects of video games. Video game art design begins in the pre-production phase of creating a video game. The video game artists are visual artists involved from the conception of the game and they make rough sketches of the characters, setting, objects, etc

Game Designer

As ABI’s Game Designer you will be responsible for a number of major features, levels or areas of a game, driving end-to-end implementation across the team, as well as contributing to the definition of the expected quality of the game.

Game Artist

Working in games development, you’ll be involved in the creation and production of games for personal computers, games consoles, social/online games, arcade games, tablets, mobile phones, and other handheld devices. The game’s codebase development is handled by developers.

Human Resources

Human Resources plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organisation. Compensation & benefits, recruitment & selection, learning & development, succession plan & team engagement are vital elements to build up a flourish business by Human Resources.


Finance studies the process of channeling money from business to entities that need it. Control the the money to put to productive use, following government & company compliance.