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Product expertise

We are a game publisher that provides comprehensive support to developers, from game development to marketing and promotion, monetization, data analysis and optimization, and localization.

1. Game Development Support:
Offering market insight and guidance on game design, mechanics, and overall quality to ensure the game meets market demands.

2. Marketing and Promotion:
Handling the marketing and promotion of the game to maximize its visibility.

3. Monetization Strategies:
Suggesting monetization models: in-app purchases, in-app-ads model.

4. Data Analysis and Optimization:
Analyzing player data to improve game performance, retention rates, and monetization strategies.
Using analytics tools to track player behavior and adapt the game accordingly.

5. Localization and Internationalization:
Localizing to make the game accessible to a global audience.

Flexible KPIs

Each partner has a unique experience, and they may have different goals and objectives. Flexible KPIs allow tailoring a partnership goals to each partner, which can help to improve performance and satisfaction.

Transparency of cooperation

1. Document Agreements: Put agreements, contracts, and terms in writing.

2. Regular Updates: Schedule regular meetings or updates to discuss progress, challenges, and changes in the cooperation.

3. Accountability Measures: Define roles and responsibilities for each party involved in the cooperation. This includes identifying who is accountable for specific tasks and outcomes.

4. Profit transparency: the ability of all parties involved in a business transaction to see the profits that are being made such as revenue and expenses.

Financial support

It can be used in a variety way, to cover the costs of research, business development, and other UA activities.

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