How do ABI Game Studio help our partners’ games go global?

We evaluate and optimize your games, conduct effective marketing strategies in the proper markets and make your game go global. This is how ABI Game Studio continuously supports our partners’ games to rank on the top charts in the US market and many countries around the world.

You Create, We Publish

Game creators play the most important role in order to have a game be loved and accepted.

Game creators make decisions on gameplay, and graphics, and handle issues to keep games running smoothly, providing a good experience for players. While ABI Game Studio will participate in optimizing and publishing their games, and do what we have the most experience in to get creators’ games to rank high globally.

Although it is not easy to gain achievement in the large game market, ABI Games will help our partners shorten the time from Startup to being accepted and loved by the gaming community. ABI Games wants to help promote Vietnam’s game industry; therefore, we are ready to put all of our efforts to support our partners, from individual creators, and small or medium game studios, to become stronger in the future.

For example, ABI Game Studio collaborated with Yolo Game Studio at the end of 2020 to publish “Red Imposter”. Initially, the game testing indicators were pretty low but the CPI was good. The two sides discussed and improved the product quality. At that time, the Yolo team only had 3 people, and ABI was willing to be involved in the testing process, speeding up the game improvement process in order to scale the game on January 1, 2021, as scheduled. After about 4-5 days of running continuously, the game has reached the Top 1 Overall in the US market. 

The second game of this partnership is Prison Survival: 456. At that time, Squid Game created a booming trend, but many games were suspended due to copyright issues. So when the partner sent the game to ABI, we were not in such a hurry to upload the game to the store. We spent time finding out the reason for the suspension of other games so that we could select and adjust the game to match the policy, from the icon to the game title, as well as in-game content. Fortunately, we had one more product reaching the top 1 Overall with Yolo. 

And most recently, the Bad Spider Thief product team wanted to stop the project because of lacking human resources. But ABI Games acknowledged that the game’s marketing index was very promising, so we convinced the team to continue to perfect the product. Though it took a lot of time, ABI considered it as our chance to prepare for a more creative and test store listing. Once again fortune smiled on us, we got Bad Spider Thief on Top 1 US Overall and gained a really good profit effect. 

In addition to Yolo Game Studio, there are also many other production teams that ABI Game Studio has accompanied since the early days and promoted quality products such as Titan, Team One, MegaJoy, etc. 

Currently, the total number of games published by our partners has reached approximately 1 billion downloads, including many well-known games such as Fish IO, Prison Break, Impostor 3D. This contributes to the success story of our partners and ABI Game Studio.

How to cooperate with ABI Game Studio

The first criteria is that the game is developed on your own. In many cases, ABI Game Studio supports our partners with a stable user source to optimize Level Design right from the moment you release a product on the store.

The collaborative process will consist of four stages. Firstly, the creators submit a complete game or a gameplay prototype. ABI Games will experience, evaluate and give feedback to help creators optimize their products.

With our experience, ABI Games can share with the dev team about market insights such as the expected CPI of the game category, graphics and targeted indicators. A lot of game studios are starting to make games as their passion without researching other factors of the market. Therefore, they put in a lot of effort and money but the result is not as expected. We will accompany you to avoid this happening.

The next stage is Testing. ABI will prepare the creative and execute the test within 7 days. Depending on the game category, we will set specific KPIs. If the test fails, the game will be optimized and retested. In case the game passes the test phase, it will move to the planning phase to scale the game. Thus, at this stage, the game of the creators has been very promising.

The third stage is to plan on volume, cost and eCPI. ABI Games will notify our partners about the time to ensure that the game is in the best status at this stage. After scaling, the game will come to the stage of optimal profit. Usually after 1 to 3 months, we will start to gain profit to share with partners after deducting marketing costs.

Through our experience, we see that many independent game creators, after self-publishing their games, choose to collaborate with game publishers, because they have experience in distributing many different games with diverse genres. So the publishers have a deep and wide insight into the market. In terms of personnel, not every team has enough human resources to operate marketing, game analysis, etc. ABI publishing currently has more than 40 members to operate and support our partners. The most important thing is budget. Big publishers have a large budget, especially with potential games, they are willing to invest a huge amount of money to scale the game and achieve a commensurate volume. Last but not least, ABI Games and other major publishers have the trust of Apple and Google, so we have the advantage of browsing time for new games, updates and being trusted and loved by the gaming community and welcoming our new products.

(Sharing from Ms. Luong Phuong – Head of Publishing of ABI Game Studio at Vietnam Gaming Summit 2022)

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