Game Mobile Insights 2022 – Google for Games Report (P2)

I. Localization in games:

Games inspired by the pride of natives have a competitive advantage. Google research shows that it is important for mobile game players, especially those in Brazil and the Asia Pacific region, to enjoy playing in a familiar virtual environment, one that has been localized for their country or region.


26% of players think that the localized element is very important when playing game

II. Spending on games and advertising 

As trends change rapidly from minute to minute, it’s important to keep an eye on the latest insights to stay engaging and relevant. Stay up to date with changes in user behavior, including views on advertising and monetization, to keep business growing with the times.

1. Mobile in-game spend:

Players globally prioritize in-game spending and unlocking special items or content, primarily for the sake of speeding up their leveling up and in-game experience.


2. Advertising:

If done right, advertising can enhance the user experience. 40% of mobile players say ads have a positive or very positive impact on their gameplay. 35% said that advertising has no effect. 


The majority of players are less concerned with the content of the ads they come across and most tap through for in-game incentive rewards.


III. Game trends:

When asked, 39% of players want to interact with metaverse technology in the game. Followed by VR with 30% and AR with 21%. 


Players are extremely excited about the opportunities to interact and experience AR, VR and Metaverse technologies. In short, they are looking to interact with cross-platform games and cloud games.

IV. Community retention and growth

Good player retention builds player loyalty and fosters a strong community. Accessing the right engagement insights can help businesses prioritize features and updates to keep players coming back and stay engaged and connected.

What keeps players coming back to the game? They love a good, engaging story and keep playing as long as they find it fun. If a player encounters too many errors or too many ads, they will remove the game from their device.


The game exists beyond time on the electronic screen, forming links between players connecting both in the virtual world and the real world. Mobile players chat with each other through in-game messaging features and share their achievements on social media. Outside the games, mobile players around the world connect through social media and game communities like Facebook, Youtube or game forums/websites.

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