Top Global Hit 3D Pixel Art Games of ABI Game Studio

Crafting style with amazing 3D pixel art is one of the strengths of ABI Game Studio. As evidence of that, many games have hit the top charts all over the world (according to Sensor Tower).

Craft School: Monster Class 

Mentioning the pixel art and crafting style, we cannot miss out on Craft School: Monster Class, which has reached the top 1 in the US and many other countries after only 3 days of release. Currently, Craft School: Monster Class has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. Monster Class gives players an exhilarating multi-view experience. Combined with eye-catching pixel graphics and brain-twisting unique gameplay, Craft School is the perfect choice for players in terms of both visuals and in-game experience.

Release date: 2022/07/20

Download: 10M+ (Play Store)

Craft School: Monster Class ranked the first place in the game chart in the US

Craft School: Monster Class hit the Top 1 US within 3 days of release

The amazing graphics of Craft School: Monster Class

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World 

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World is different from the 3 above games because it belongs to the shooting category. This is definitely the best pixel style of adventure shooting game with simple but super challenging game modes. The world in Fire Craft 3D Pixel World is beautifully colorful with eye-catching 3D pixel graphics.

Release date: 2020/10/29

Download: 10M+ (Play Store)

An in-game scenario in the world of Fire Craft 3D Pixel World

Craft Guys: Stumble Run 

The younger brother of Craft School: Monster Class – Craft Guys: Stumble Run also followed in the footsteps of the senior, slowly but surely climbing to the top of the US and many countries. It hit the 2nd ranking on the Top US Game chart and 1st ranking on the adventure genre within 5 days of release.. The attractive genre (adventure) combined with eye-catching pixel graphics, Craft Guys: Stumble Run bring players into the world of survival full of harsh, challenging but amazingly interesting.

Release date: 2022/08/31 

Download: 1M+ (Play Store)

Craft Guys: Stumble Run ranked the first place in Adventure Game in the US in just 5 days of release

An eye-catching screenshot of Craft Guys: Stumble Run

Craft World – Survival Games 

Inspired by the Korean blockbuster Squid Game, Craft World Survival Games takes game enthusiasts into the survival world with many challenging mini games such as: Red Light Green Light, Falling Rocks, Dalgona Candy, Death Road, , Tug of war, Glass game, etc. Players who fail each round will be eliminated from the game. The last person standing in the game will have a big win and claim the big prize.

Release date: 2021/12/01

Download: 1M+ (Play Store)

Characters in Craft World - Survival Games

In conclusion, 3D pixel art and crafting style are the limitless and never out-of-date inspiration for game creators in general and ABI Game Studio in particular.

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