The day of ABI’s Game Lovers

Open your phone, and visit the App Store and Google Play to find a game you like. Among the most downloaded game titles are attached to the name “ABI Game Studio”.

Every day, ABI Game Studio realizes that we get 2 billion downloads and more than one hundred million game lovers around the globe, and this is an incredible number. We think we should not miss this love, and today is a great day. Let us pick a date – a special day for our ABI’s game lovers.

What did you miss as not a game lover?

From interesting scenarios and fun graphics of classic games to modern, colorful designs and dramatic simulation games, the love for games is always an interesting thing that only game lovers understand.

When you were born in the 80s, your favorite game was a 4-button game with pixel graphics. And now, it transforms into 2D and 3D. Strangely, even the titles from the 1970s and 1980s still win a strong position in the gamers’ hearts up until now.

As game creators, we make games and play games every day. Luckily, millions of users around the globe keep supporting and sharing their endless passion for our games.

Special days at ABI Game Studio – OneSoft Team

At ABI Game Studio, in addition to the seasonal events everyone knows and looks forward to, we have many wonderful and special days such as our company’s anniversary, the day of our first game’s release, and even small weekly days like Happy Friday. Today is also one of the happiest days for us.

Those are very important events that honor the cohesive, initial, and sustainable values ​​that have shaped ABI Game Studio.

You can be a part of these special days, join our ABI Game Studio family – a member of OneSoft, or collaborate on game publishing with us. With the strong accumulated experience as one of the most prestigious studios in the world, we will work together to create the best games ever.

What’s running in the blood of every ABI Game Studio member ? It’s definitely the passion for games.

ABI Game Studio