Gen Z & Gen Alpha are the future of gaming – Newzoo Report


According to the statistics, Gen Alpha and Gen Z make up around one-third of the global population, and entertainment industries are competing fiercely for their time and attention. Gaming is considered one of the world’s most favorite pastimes, so there is no doubt that younger generations will shape the future of the gaming industry.

Gaming is integral in the lives of Gen Alpha and Gen Z

9/10 Gen Alpha and Gen Z are game enthusiasts. These generations invest a substantial portion of their free time in video games compared to the total online population. For Gen Alpha, games are the number 1 source of entertainment. 


Most Gen Z and Gen Alpha who are playing video games engage through their mobile phone. As this platform contains the greatest accessibility, it’s no surprise that mobile would be leading the engagement for these younger groups. 


When they’re not actively playing, Gen Alpha and Gen Z are using their devices to watch gaming content. Viewing for these generations takes on many forms such as watching Esports, getting ideas on ways to play, seeing high-level gameplay, and learning from others. 

Socializing via games

Games are not simply a source of entertainment, but a vehicle for connection among these young generations. There are key differences between Gen Alpha and Gen Z values when picking up a new game. For Gen Alpha, character customization and creation is a must, and it is considered significantly more appealing than Gen Z or the total online population. For Gen Z, a strong narrative or story holds particular weight. 


Players socializing in game worlds is one of the factors that has led to Big Tech’s infatuation with the metaverse. Now, players and non-players alike are using virtual worlds to connect with others.

58% of Gen Z often or occasionally get together in game worlds, not while playing the main game. 70% of Gen Z are definitely or probably interested in socializing in game worlds beyond play in the future. 

Spending on games

Gen Alpha and Gen Z are more likely to spend money on games, and the top platform for their spend is also the most popular for play – mobile. 


While unlocking content is the top motivator for Gen Alpha and Gen Z to spend money on games, there are numerous drivers for these generations to spend. Similar to the total online population, these generations are primarily spending on ways to enhance their gaming experience – where it be personalization or advancement. 


Game publishers and developers need to ensure they are creating worthwhile opportunities for these generations to part ways with their (their parent’s) money. Striking the correct balance for such opportunities in-game without negatively impacting gameplay will continue to be a major challenge as we move further away from the pay-to-play games model. 

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