Stickman Adventure: Prison Escape

Stickman Adventure: Prison Escape

A fan of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise, calls himself Lupin 19th. His hobby is adventure through prisons in the world. With a slot machine to gain money for handy gadgets and your help with choices he can explore many situations. This time the prison is on an isolated, uninhabited island. Let's join him to see what situations can happen! Can you lead him to the freedom or his failures make you laugh?



▶ There are a very very happy ending he can get out of the prison and start a new page of his life.
▶ There are 22 unique fails to explore.
▶ Besides, there are some achievements with and without hints like Easter eggs to challenge your brain. Can you find them all?
▶ Map is a useful tool for you in this adventure. Don't forget to use it. Of course it costs you some money. But you can always get money from slot machine.

You know all things now. Let's start and enjoy!

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