Female Gamers Spotlight


According to statistics, almost three-quarters of women play video games in 2022 globally. However, they are less likely to consider themselves a gamer in comparison with men.


Female gamers also have different game experiences. Roughly 1-in-2 female players prefer to play games on mobile devices, and 3-in-4 female players play games in single-player mode.


Not only are female players less likely to feel well-represented in the games they play, but they are also less likely to feel that gaming offers them a sense of belonging, hinting that there are still challenges to making gaming more inclusive.


The gaming industry is still dominated by male pro gamers. Yet the number of professional female gamers are increasing over the years. According to Statista, 41% of video gamers, and 46% of game purchasers, are women.

There are some differences in terms of genre preferences but as a whole, female gaming audiences in the United States are engaged as their male counterparts. We will surely see more women gamers in the coming years.

ABI Game Studio