Craft School: Monster Class hit Top 1 US

Monster Class has reached 5+ million downloads and conquered the Top 1 Games in the US and 43 other countries (according to Sensor Tower) in just 3 days of release on Google Play.

Survival in Monster Class

Survival games have always been a competitive genre among game developers, which results in the births of many great titles and the intense competition to the Top 1 between them. However, with years of experience, ABI Game Studio has nailed it one more time.

Craft School: Monster Class with more than 2 million downloads/day

Craft School: Monster Class is a perfect blend of endless fun adventure and top-notched survival lessons like prison escape, parkour, zombies fighting, Red Light Green Light and so many more. Players will experience an extraordinary pixel world full of thrilling challenges and enraging dangers lurking in every corner.

Everyone wants to be a β€œstraight-A student”

On the journey to gather the ultimate knowledge, players must go through a series of pitfalls and avoid being caught or killed by their enemies. This requires gamers to have keen observation and quick decision-making skills to preserve the life of the characters in the game.

To reach higher levels, players will have to master their reflexes to run or jump, defeat their enemies, and cross all obstacles. Along the way, there are also many hidden treasures and gold rewards for players to claim. In addition to pass the levels to continue, players also compete with each other to become a straight-A student with the highest score and mark their names on the leaderboard.

Ultimate fun gameplay

Monster Class gives players a exhilarating multi-view experience. Players can choose the first or third perspective to have the best angle instead of a fixed perspective like many other games of the same genre. Combined with eye-catching pixel graphics and brain-twisting unique gameplay, Craft School is the perfect choice for players in terms of both visuals and in-game experience.

Amazing 3D pixel graphics with different scenes in each level

The US is considered one of the toughest markets and it is very challenging for a game to reach Top 1 in this market. But Craft School: Monster School has continued to claim the spot while picking up on the right taste for challenges and trending survival games of the US’ players. In addition, the continuous improvement of the user experience in terms of graphics as well as in-game features is also an attractive point for the game to earn the popularity that it deserves.

Before Craft School: Monster Class, ABI Game Studio also conquered the US Top 1 milestone with many different games such as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Snake Troll: Thief Master, 456: Survival Game, Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas…

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