ABI Global LTD celebrating our 12th working in gaming industry

1st, April 2022 marked ABI Studio’s milestone of 12 years since its establishment 

“A journey of thousand miles begins with one step”

The first day of April, to others these days is no more than just a prank but to us, it means the world. On this day, we took the first steps of our remarkable journey. We are overjoyed to announce that ABI Global LTD has reached a landmark of 12-year in operation. It was a blast to be able to bring the audience our best service as well as to have your support. 

Onesoft Joint Stock Company was first established in 2010. After 12 years of striving, Onesoft has earned its position among the top-tier app publishers. It was our great pride to have contributed to this achievement. On April 1st 2014, Mr. Tran Manh Hung founded ABI Global Studio’s team to work independently from Onesoft JSC.

Started our glorious journey with just 6 members, our staff number has now grown to 150 with five departments. We are proud to have 50 games and millions of users who support us with awards for many consecutive years. In the last year, ABI Studio has gained our position in the TOP 8 Publishers with the most app downloads, according to The Sensor Tower.

On this occasion, ABI Studio is holding internal competitions in Pool, Foosball and Ping Pong to create a relaxing time for our precious team. In addition, an opportunity to contemplate ABI’s journey as well as to tribute all the members who contribute greatly to this progress.